Charity Style.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Help a child with your sense of style? Its possible. After reading other blogs about the new limited edition McDonald's Striped Socks I've decided to #ShowMyStripes as well. The Ronald McDonald House of Charities celebrates their 40th of giving back to the community, and what better way to celebrate than to promote a campaign to help and help some more. The McDonald's Striped Socks are available at selected McDonald's branches for only PHP 100.00 only, now I think that isn't too much to help a child in need. All the net proceeds will be directly given to the Ronald McDonald Bahay Bulilit. On December 6, 2014 flaunt your socks at the Stripes Run. Your sense of style could probably help a child, why not buy a pair right now and make a child smile. Doing good is always in style. 

Outfit: Sky Blue Joe Boxer Sweater, SPCM Jogging Pants, McDonald's Stripped Socks, SPCM Shoes

Trying to be a Cartoon Character here.


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