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Monday, April 06, 2015

In today’s photography, filters can be seen everywhere, from Instagram feed to your Twitter timeline. Indeed filters are very much in demand, everybody uses the same
XX Pro and Mayfair, the Hudson and the Noir. I think you’d like to stand out from these stereotypical enhancements, which is where the Enlight app joins in the picture, literally.

Enlight is not your usual photo editing app that crops and lightens your picture, it is something more advanced. Using this app for the first time, I have to admit that it is very confusing, luckily I managed to get the hang of it since there are tutorials in the app and in their facebook page.

For you to see why I am obsessed with this app, I shall show you some pictures the developers and I created. This trick is known as Double Exposure and Street Art which are my favorites. 

Photo: Enlight App Facebook Page (Double Exposure)

"Are we out of the woods yet?"

Photo: Enlight App Facebook Page (Street Art)

"No taking pictures in the dressing rooms!"

"After Prom Nostalgia"

Hey there, why not send me some of your creative creations and I'll feature every picture here.

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