The Sunday Currently Vol. 1

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Its my first time to do something like the Sunday Currently. A brief history of its origins, it was invented by the bright mind of the blogger of Siddathornton by Lauren. Sunday Currently is simply writing what you're doing currently on a particular Sunday.

READING other bloggers' the Sunday Currently posts.

WRITING required data on forms for college

LISTENING to I Lived by Owl City, I'd like this song to be played at my funeral.

THINKING about great horror and romantic-comedy movies to download.

WISHING that people would realize that this intense heat we feel everyday is our fault, Climate Change is serious and we need to do something quick!

HOPING that I can maintain having lots of cash at the moment.

WEARING the usual house apparel.

LOVING the gift I bought for my Mom's birthday.

WANTING to have a summer job because college days won't begin until August, I'm gonna be a rock at home.

NEEDING the motivation to be fit and really sweat it out at the gym.

FEELING (still) ecstatic because of something that happened in the past few days.

Curious what that something was that still made me ecstatic until now? Check it out on Tuesday for my Its a Fine, Fine Life weekly post.

The Sunday Currently - Siddathornton

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