Avoid the Beach Bum

Thursday, May 07, 2015

Yesterday we were at the beach for my 17th birthday, it was awesome, we had a grand time. Well, it would've been the best if I haven't forgot to buy things I never thought I needed.
So for you beach preppers, it would be best to get a good look at your luggage and check if these things are there.

The List!

A Dry Pouch
A car charger
A pair of Beach shoes

A Dry Pouch
Do you ever think about bringing your phone with you in the ocean, yes, but how do we do this without it getting wet? A dry pouch is what you'll need! This is practically the most important among the list, why? Simple, you don't have to put your possessions in your bag and worry that someone will get it.You can put your cash, cell phone and other valuable things such as your wedding ring. Too bad I didn't think of this long before the outing, now you do!

I found a wide range of tech accessories at ZALORA, and you can find a variety of awesome dry pouches.

A Car Charger
Yes you heard me, you can charge in your car! Sometimes when a trip is a bit far like mine, and your phone is turning red, you will need something like a car charger. Its very handy and not at all bulky, a perfect driving buddy.

You can find car chargers at car accessories stores near you, or probably at the nearest mall.

A Pair of Beach Shoes
Beach shoes?! What are those? Well these are your best friends when you're enjoying at the beach. They basically protect your entire feet from the hot sand, prickly shells and the corals from under.

Beach shoes can be bought from boutiques at the resorts you'll be staying, or it would be better to look for them at beach shops and/or department stores.

So there they are, some additional trinkets you'll need for a perfect summer getaway! Are there others that I missed, comment them below and help a tourist out.

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