Thursday, May 07, 2015

Waking up at 6 AM on the eve of my birthday, we drove off to Nasugbu, Batangas. We arrived at the Canyon Cove Hotel & Spa (and Beach).

I'd call it Paradiso because beaches are venues to relax, lay back and forget about the daily problems we encounter. Its nice to breathe in fresh ocean air, that rejuvenating wind gushing through your hair and you just feel renewed. Celebrating my seventeenth birthday here was a blessing, though I don't like to travel too far. 

The beach was divine, I spent almost 4 hours in the water until I went kayaking. Going to the farther parts of the beach, I felt like a character in Open Water, why?!? I fell into the deep water, so it was like a suspenseful scene in Jaws. That night I waited long and hard for the clock to strike 12, until I fell asleep by 11.

The next day we went again to the beach and I got to capture a Hermit Crab, so its kind-of like my exotic pet. We checked out at 12 then we drove back to Manila for 2 & a half hours! I fell asleep as soon as we got to the mountains. 

Taylor Sunnies

When we finally arrived at Manila, we went to Church and ate at Yabu, House of Katsu. 

And so that ends the adventure of celebrating my seventeenth birthday, I couldn't have had it any better!

Olive Green Taylor Sunnies (Sunnies)
+ Maroon Deep Scoop Tee (Topman)
+ Floral Blue Board Shorts 
+ Grey Beach Shoes (Sprint)

Some of my other pictures can be found at my Twitter and Instagram accounts!!

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