The Sunday Currently Vol. 2

Sunday, May 03, 2015

What I am doing right now or at least what was I was doing during that time.

Artsy. That is what I would call this particular Sunday. Crafting activities here and there, from paper bouquet making to canvas bag stamping, all to be given to out mothers.

READING the introduction of Insurgent at the bookstore.

WRITING a letter to mom for Mothers' day. 

LISTENING to Blaze by Colbie Caillat. The song is really good and it sucks that it isn't getting so much attention, I think Colbie Caillat is underrated, she's not given so much attention when she deserves a lot of it.

THINKING about buying a book but declined it at the very last moment
Wishing that I won't get road sick on the way to the beach.

HOPING there wouldn't be so much traffic during the road trip.

WEARING SPRZ NY X Uniqlo Camoflauge Shirt & Beige Bench Chinos & Flesh Dexter Shoes.

LOVING how creative I have been today. There were crafty activities at the nearby mall for next week's Mothers' Day celebration. I'll be more than happy to share them to you next week, plus instructions on how I did it.

WANTING more money for hangouts, etc.

NEEDING something to do for a long time during summer, a job perhaps
Feeling excited for May 6th.

Want to know what's with May 6th? Make sure to visit again next week and you'll know what's it all about. 

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