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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

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As the trees light up and decorations being placed here and there, Christmas is really in the air. And when we hear Christmas, the thoughts of gifts aren't that far. For gift giving, what else would we surprise someone
than with glad tidings and a whole lot of Belkin goodies. So here are my top five most wanted Belkin Products that I'd most likely give to friends and family.

5. Belkin Charger Kit with Lightning to USB Cable

A perfect gift for the travelling barkada or wanderers. Whether you're in the car or somewhere else, hopefully with sockets, this ultra-compact home and low-profile car charger will keep everyone from the dreaded "low battery" notification.

4. Belkin 2 Meters Lightning Sync/Charge Cable

Far from the socket? Yeah, I feel ya bruh. We've all experienced this: "low battery" notification appears, so you find the nearest socket, then its at the entire opposite of the wall, and later on you just stand there, using your phone while its charging. Now that's just a big "NO." Luckily, Belkin came up with this long charge cable, so enough of the standing, the thing you've "longed" for is finally here.

3. Belkin Sport-Fit Armband for iPhone 6

For the gym rats. Even if you're running around your village or lifting up barbels, you can bring your phone with you. But that would be a drag wouldn't it? Nope, with this lightweight and adjustable armband you won't have to leave your beloved music at home. 

2. Belkin QODE FastFit Keyboard Cover

iPads just became "school-legit." Laptops can be a real nuisance, especially for the commuting college kid. So what better gift it is than to surprise that hardworking college kid with an extension of their iPad. This keyboard doesn't only make life easier but its also designed to minimize bulk. As the greatest parent in the world won't you give them the keys they need, and you'd probably get a kiss in return.

1. Belkin Family RockStar 4-Port USB Charger

Compatibility for everybody. Since my family is a "techy" family, there will always be times where sockets run out, then all hell would break lose. Fortunately Belkin has come up with this elegant 4-Port USB charger beneficial for everyone. So what better gift for the whole family than additional sockets aye?

But don't just rely on five, check a whole lot more Belkin goodies through this link:

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