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Sunday, January 10, 2016

With transportation becoming a major issue in the Philippines, there are a lot of new innovations, such as Grabtaxi. And as more ideas come to mind
to suffice commuters just like me by providing stylish Grabcars, they have also came up with another vehicle: its two-wheeled. Its a motorcycle!

This is actually a pretty funny story.

It was on the 7th of January and my mom and I had a movie to attend to at 6:30 PM at the Power Plant Mall Cinema in Makati. 

5:45 PM

I was still at Manila to photocopy some papers for my Japanese Language class. The waiting line was very long and I didn't notice that it was already 5:45 PM. I quickly rushed down to the main entrance, and yes it was very traffic. 

6:00 PM

I used the Grabtaxi app and booked a GrabBike ride, which cost almost Php 150.00 but I knew I was really paying for the time of travel to reach the movie on time.

6:15 PM

See the traffic?

But luckily, my driver, Janry, was definitely on a roll! We were here, then we were there in ten seconds, then after a minute we would be somewhere else.

Only 18 minutes, if I'd taken the usual jeepney and bus the trip would've lasted the entire night. 

Some things you may say after reading all of this.

"What about pollution? Doesn't it like go all over your face and stuff?"
Me: Don't worry clean, disposable face masks are always provided before the ride.

"I'm wearing shorts, what if I like hit something and I'd get scratches and bruises? I'm scared".
Me: Tell the driver to be careful, though I'm sure all of them are. And if you want him to slow down, just say it.

"Can I also use Snapchat while I use GrabBike?"
Me: Hmm, I wouldn't recommend it. But if you insist, try not to distract the driver. Don't go all YOLO.

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