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Saturday, May 21, 2016

From the 28th of April till’ the 1st of May, I went to Singapore with the family. It has almost been four years since I went abroad, so I took this chance to take as much photos as possible. You see, as a tourist,
its not really a wise idea to go for the bus or the train or any vehicle of public transportation (except for a cab, of course) since you’re not really knowledgeable of the place exactly, but that is what makes it exciting. And I actually got a story for that once you go down this post.

Novena or Newton

It was our third day in Singapore (April 30), and we just came from Choa Chu Kang to visit family friends, and we don’t know if we were deliriously tired or we were just basically got the stations mixed up. So here it goes. It was almost midnight (yes you read that right, their train service still runs until midnight!) and we were ready to get off the train, which took at least 13 stops to get to ours, but then when we got off at Newton station we were rambled as we thought it was the wrong station. Because when we rode the train the first time on the 28th, the walls were solid grey, but then when got there the walls were yellow, and I thought: “maling station ata yung binabaan natin (I think we got off at the wrong station)” so we checked everywhere and we’ve decided to go back 1 station, which was Novena. So we waited 3 minutes for the next train, mom and dad were falling asleep, and I was there somewhere, taking pictures. And when the train arrived we hopped on it quickly, cause it was 12:05 AM. and by the time we got to Novena, we didn’t know where the exit was (again, we were very tired), and then long-story-short, we took the train again to Novena and we didn’t care anymore, all I remember we came out of some closed mall and we took a cab back to the hotel. So basically train hopping in Singapore was a blast.

My final word is down below, you have got to check it out.

The most valuable thing that I learned from Singapore is that: 

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