Chronicles by RJ is a lifestyle blog. It is currently being solely administrated by RJ De La Cruz, a 17 year old, incoming freshman student of De La Salle University in Manila. This blog was started last November 2014, wherein I narrated different stories that happened on a particular day that would focus on clothes, events, food and places. After some time, my blogging topics grew by adding inspirational and helpful posts. Chronicles by RJ got attention, and offers ad spaces, product reviews, collaborations, partnerships and button swapping. If you have any questions or inquiries don't hesitate to email me at rj.delacruz.ai@gmail.com

Ad Spaces
All offers runs for two months, and are only inexpensive for your convenience.

~ 600X200 sidebar ad space ($10)
~ 336X280 large rectangle bar ad space($7)

Product Reviews & Collaborations
I am up for products reviews and collaborations, and since I'm a lifestyle blogger I can pretty much review anything that I'd be comfortable with.

Button Swapping
This is free! Just contact me through my email and send your HTML link. Preferred size would be 200X200.


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